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Santa Amalia
Costa Este

“Unique fabrics to decorate”

Manuel Ceballos Carmona / CEO

Santa Amalia fabrics to make curtains and upholstery have a unique character since its creation.

That is the way our clients define Santa Amalia’s collections, a world of emotions reflected in fabrics for curtains, upholstery and bed linen.

Our house

Founded by Manuel Ceballos Carmona, Santa Amalia is a textile firm that commercializes fabrics in the whole country as well as in more than 20 countries all around the world. Located in the heart of the countryside of Cordoba, this family business began in the world of decoration in 1999; fabrics and furniture are used to carry out decoration projects which have evolved into projects of a larger scale. In the course of time, the business activity is focused on the trade of high quality fabrics and own designs which are aimed to meet the expectations of exclusive and demanding clients.

We have a staff of more than 20 employees and a sales network of a dozen sales representatives and partners in Spain as well as in Europe, Santa Amalia’s fabrics are presented every three or four months, usually at the beginning of each new season.

Unique fabrics

Our fabrics are characterized by being an expression of good taste. Our staff works fervently in each one of the designed and selected fabrics for its commercialization, since the design is produced and until the first meter is cut.

We are devoted to wholesale; our facilities have a big warehouse where we have more than 70% of the collections available in stock, having the rest of them available with a 24 hours service. This is one of the keys of the excellent service we try to provide our clients with, being our highest priority.

The Collection

At the height of the national crisis as well as of the textile industry, Santa Amalia has been able to create 163 collections and to be present in the main countries of the European Union and East Countries. Our dream and capacity of creation is rewarded with the acceptance of our collections by different distributors, who are responsible for introducing the new. Currently we have a wide variety of plain, printed fabrics and lace curtains, which are the strongest part of our collection. In addition, the entire catalogue contains jacquard, stitched and fireproof fabrics, upholstery and much more, which we will be delighted to show.


The fabrics used to curtains and upholstery in Santa Amalia collect the staff’s dream, working on a differentiating project aimed to encourage the client’s impulses.


Our fabrics express emotions, realism and a unique character that makes Santa Amalia its preferential supplier. Thank you for relying on us for your future projects.


We offer colorful fabrics and motives according to the different decoration options at present. There is always a corner of your house where you can have Santa Amalia’s fabrics.