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About us

Our House

Founded by Manuel Ceballos Carmona, Santa Amalia is a textile company that sells fabrics throughout the national territory, as well as in more than 20 countries all over the world. Located in the heart of the countryside South of Cordoba, this family business began in the world of decoration in 2008; fabrics and furniture for decoration projects that were to evolve into a larger project. Over time, the activity of the company focuses entirely on trade in tissues of quality, and own designs that seek to meet the expectations of a select and discerning customer.

With a staff of more than 20 employees and a sales network of a dozen agents and other so many partners in Spain and Europe, Santa Amalia fabrics are presented every 3 or 4 months, normally at the beginning of each new season.


Fabrics with character

Our fabrics are characterized by expression of good taste. Our team works passionately each of fabrics designed and selected for commercialization, since design occurs until you cut the first meter.

Dedicated to selling to the wholesale, our facilities include a large store where we have more than 70% of the collections in permanent stock, taking the rest a 24 h service. This is one of the keys of the excellent service that we give to our customers, which are the highest priority for us.


The collection

In the midst of a national crisis and the sector, Santa Amalia to has been able to create 163 collections and be present in the main countries of the European Union and countries of the East. Our enthusiasm and capacity for creation is rewarded with the acceptance of our collections by different distributors carrying out joint work of introduction of innovations.

We currently have a wide range of smooth, patterns and sheer curtains that are strong in our collection. In addition, the catalog full covers jacquards, embroidered, woven flame retardant, upholstery and much more, that will be delighted of show you.<br>Contact us without obligation at the below email address and we will send you to the shopping in your area that you visit you and advise you in your business.


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